‘Your bed of Heather’

An emotionally charged story of duty, love and friendship set in the difficult time and place of wartime Germany. It is life seen through the eyes of a teenage boy who has to use life in the army to try to survive, and the resistance of ordinary Germans to the Nazi movement.

Available to buy. www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B007Q33ZI8  a bargain on kindle at just £1.02.

In the USA www.amazon.com/dp/B007Q33ZI8 just $1.65.

Paperback through www.feedaread.com cheaper than through amazon.

Available to booksellers through their normal distribution chanels. ISBN 978 1 781 761 885

Or can be ordered from local libraries.

‘Empty Handbags’

This is unashamedly chick-lit and concentrates on the lives of a very different group of friends with the twists and turns of a death caused by a drunk driver and a smallholder growing and selling cannabis to cure the aches and pains of old folk. COMING SOON ON KINDLE! Maybe under a suitable pen name. If it works for JK!


The follow up to my first novel, in progress. Getting hammered through NaNoWriMo.


Short Stories



A para-normal story about the forces exerted by a house over the young couple that move into it. Read Lilly here.


Gideon centres on a man who comes home from work to find that his wife has committed suicide. But there is a twist.

Now available in the Yeovil Literary Prize 2011 anthology.  Read Gideon here.


In this story a 15 year old boy drops through the social care net and finds himself homeless and on the streets.  Read 15 here.