Lorraine Blencoe MA (Writing)

My name is Lorraine and I’m a writer. I have waited all of my life to be able to say that.

The journey to this point has been quite a mixture of experiences

I was born in 1969 and knew that I could never aspire to being a writer like the great God Roald Dahl, so I decided to go into the law. Probably not a wise move, but after having a great time teaching law for a while I did come to my senses and realise I would have to give into the constant yearning that was keeping me awake at night.

I’m a full-time writer, so obviously I don’t get as much done as I would like to because there is always a window begging to be stared out of.

My first novel ‘Your Bed of Heather’, a story of love and friendship during World War II, but from the often ignored perspective of a German teenager, has been self-published. It is available on e book and in paperback.

My second novel ‘ Empty Handbags’, is yet to be published. This is unashamedly chick-lit and concentrates on the lives of a very different group of friends with the twists and turns of a death caused by a drunk driver and a smallholder growing and selling cannabis to cure the aches and pains of old folk.

My third novel  ‘The Table’ is a work in progress.

I have written a story for young children called ‘Bob the Blue Bottomed Dragon’.

I am a member of the National Academy of Writing.


Short story ‘ Lilly’ published in ‘ The Spiral Path’ anthology.


I won the National Academy of Writing/Birmingham City University Award for Creative Non-fiction.

I was shortlisted for the Yeovil Short Story Prize for a story called ‘Gideon’.

Also shortlisted for the Wrekin Writers Doris Gooderson Prize for a story called ’15’.

I have had articles published in the local press on behalf of the Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society and some work published in their national ‘MS Matters’ magazine.

I also reviewed a book, ‘This is Where I Leave You’ by Johnathon Tropper, with the review published in ‘Newbooks’ magazine.


Arvon work in progress course at Lumb Bank and finishing my MA.

Shortlisted in Fiction 500 third quarter.


MA finished!



2015 already?

Here I come Faber Academy!

The ultimate writer’s mode of transport has arrived. We now have a Nissan Figaro called Gertie, totally awesome in mint green!

What a great year this is. Runner-up in a Faber Academy Quick Fic.

Woohoo! I’m now a Faber Academy Writing A Novel Graduate.



‘The Table’ will be finished!